Keisuke Yoshimura 
Sola, CEO
Corporate Message

The name of the company "Sola" comes from the Japanese word sola, which means sky.
Nowadays in the world of information and technology, the “cloud” is all around us, our aim is to make an environment where technology is a natural part of life, just like clouds in the sky. 
In 2008, we believed that IT will be the foundation of several new businesses and industries, so together with some great friends, we have established Sola, to help the birth and growth of those next-generation industries. 
Since then we are doing our business based on the following principles. 

◆ Quality Entrusted Development 
In case of contract development projects, our focus is always on our customers' requests and needs. 
We are combining already existing solutions with custom-made, original programs and mechanisms made from scratch to completely satisfy their demands.   
Sola is completing contract development projects without compromises and has never failed the task. 
The reason behind our success is keeping close contact with our customers.
In case of IT related projects, even the smallest details can be crucial. Our engineers are capable of quick and efficient fine-tuning at any level during the process. 
Every project's purpose is to make the customer pleased with the result, I believe the right combination of tools is the key to deliver. 
Therefore, we are always trying to find the perfect balance between using already existing technologies and our original constructions. 

◆ Original Content 
They say necessity is the mother of invention. 
Creating something original requires a lot of creativity and willpower. 
When the need arises, creative powers are moved and wonderful new things may come to life. 
Necessity is the main driving factor behind every great change, the boundary between the creative and the less creative ones is how they can react to those challenges and adapt to the new environment. 
In order to take one step further, we are gathering those creative people, to conduct research and development in the pursuit of that new “something” what may change our lives and the industry itself. 

Keisuke Yoshimura  
Corporate Profile

Corporate Name
Sola (Sola K.K.)


40,000,000 Yen

5F VORT Suehirocho II
6-14-3, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
101-0021, Japan

TEL : 03-6860-8482
FAX : 050-3737-0605
E-Mail :

Representative Corporate Officers
CEO: Keisuke Yoshimura
Director: Sho Murata

102 (as of February 2, 2019)

Major Business Areas
1. IT infrastructure and system development
2. Application development
3. IT Consulting
4. Trade of commodities related to IT infrastructure and systems

March 2016
IISO 9001(Quality management systems) and ISO 27001(Information security management systems) certified.

[Certification range]
1. IT infrastructure and system development 
2. IT consulting
Sola K.K. was established in Tokyo, Japan.
Moved to new HQ in Chuo, Tokyo
Raised capital to 4.5 Million Yen
Moved to new HQ in Chiyoda, Tokyo
Raised capital to 10 Million Yen
Raised capital to 11 Million Yen
Raised capital to 13.1 Million Yen
Moved to new HQ in Chiyoda, Tokyo
Raised capital to 30.35 Million Yen
Raised capital to 40 Million Yen
Sales Performance
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2009-34.320.000¥   (+144%)
2010-46.440.000¥   (+135%)
2011-52.820.000¥   (+113%)
2012-79.040.000¥   (+149%)
2013-131.440.000¥ (+166%)
2014-172.770.000¥ (+131%)
2015-226.000.000¥ (+130%) 
  • Keisuke Yoshimura
  • Sho Murata
  • Katsuaki Kon
    System Development Department Chief
  • Hitoshi Yamanaka
    System Development Department II Chief
  • Koji Yamada
    System Development Department III Chief
  • Tsuyoshi Miyano
    R&D Department Chief, CTO
  • Yoko Yatsushiro
    PR Department Chief, Develop
  • Gabriel Hiller
    General Affairs Department
Access (Head Office)
Nearest stations: a minute walk from Suehiro Station, 7 minutes walk from Yushima Station, 9 minutes walk from Akihabara Station, 10 minutes walk from Ochanomizu Station
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